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ReDefiners World Languages LTI Application

      In ReDefiners World Languages we have developed some LTI applications like dashboard, virtual classroom, leaderboard and referral system. Admin dashboard helps to view the enrollment status. Virtual classroom is helpful for teachers to create online classes and help the students to use the recordings later for references. Leaderboard paves the way to improve the students activities and referral system is helpful for users to invite there friends and get more points in leaderboard.

Below screenshots represents how ReDefiners LTI application looks like in a public page as well as in LMS .


     A dashboard is a way of displaying various types of visual data in one place. Redefiners dashboard is intended to convey different, but related information in an easy-to-digest form.

Virtual Classroom

     A virtual classroom is a video conferencing tool where instructors and participants engage with each other and with the learning material. The difference with other video conferencing tools is that virtual classrooms offer an added set of features that are essential to a learning environment.

Creating Class Shedule

Today's Class Shedule

Future Class Shedule

Past Class Shedule


      Leaderboard improves learning outcome. We create a sense of competition among learners and inspire learners to perform better.

Referral System

      A referral system is the process or step taken by the institution in order to get extra assistance for a student by giving bonus points.

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